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Unsure if your baby is teething or not?


Between allergies, the common cold, and other illnesses circling around, symptoms of teething are often missed or confused with something thought to be more serious. 


Common Symptoms of Teething:

  • Fussiness

  • Trouble Sleeping 

  • Irritability

  • Loss of Appetite

  • Sore or tender gums

  • Low-grade fever (sometimes)

Other Signs of Teething:

  • Hands/fingers in the mouth

  • Chewing/biting more

  • Drooling more than normal

Do and Don'ts to Soothe Your Child:

  • Your child can chew on a clean, cold washcloth

  • Use cold teething rings/toys

  • Gently massage your child's gums with your fingers

  • If your child is still very uncomfortable, you can talk to your pediatrician about an appropriate dose of acetaminophen (Tylenol).

  • We do NOT recommend teething gels or tablets

  • Avoid teething rings that are fluid filled

  • Teething necklaces/bracelets can pose choking and/or strangulation hazards.

If you are unsure about your child's symptoms, or if you feel as though your child has other symptoms not listed, please consult one of our pediatric dentists or your pediatrician.

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